Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara

This particular mascara I have been trying for a few weeks. A lot of YouTubers don't seem to like it- I think they are weirded out by the brush. But I am really enjoying it.

For one, it seems no matter how many coat of mascara I put on (and I usually put three) it doesn't clump or get too think. My lashes stay soft and plump. It really is great for people who like a more natural lash look, defined but not obvious.

The brush is not really a factor to me- I can make any brush work. It's about being adaptable because it seems every mascara is trying to out do each other.

This one is not waterproof- although I usually prefer those, this one stays on ok- about 8 hours you'll see smudging. But I usually powder under my eyes to set my concealer so its not so bad.

I love the tube- it's unique and easy to see in my makeup bag.