Natural Everyday Makeup With Clarins

Hello!  I am dedicating myself full time to this blog and the development of a handbag line so I will be posting everyday!  

So so when I get ready for the day I like to use the time to pamper myself.  I love my drugstore items but typically my base routine is something pricier.   

In line with how obsessed I am with anything french I use french skincare and makeup.  Primarily Clarins.  I find everything about it luxurious and a pleasure to use.   It's pricey but the products do not make my face feel worse than before.  I also tend to mix in my proactiv items when I have that time of the month.

This time of year is a great time to try new products because they put out sets with lots of bonuses and gifts with purchase are usually awesome too.

In order to achieve a natural face, I use Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.  It's like a primer that smooths fine lines and fills in wrinkles and pores and preps your skin for flawless application of whatever foundation like product you use.  Next, I use the Clarins Éclat Minute Instant Light- to brighten my skin.  I could stop there but I like a little coverage, so I use It cosmetics CC+ cream.  It has anti-aging serum, SPF50 and is color correcting.  It says full coverage but I just pump a little on my fingers and spread it on my face in a thin veil.  





Then I use the Clarins Instant concealer- honestly one of the best concealers I have ever used.  I also use the instant light perfectos along the top of my cheekbones.    I set with the Clarins mineral powder (not pictured) and I use the Clarins blush protege in Miami pink 03.   

For eyes, I use any neutral palette, I use the concealer as a base.  Then I take a light color and sweet it all over the lid to allow easier blending.   I also take a slightly darker color on the crease and outer third of my eye.  I also use the light color to highlight my brows (which I use a MAC brow pencil to draw in).  I use the darker color in the palette to draw a sort of soft line above my lashes.   Then I top my lashes with the Clarins Long Length mascara, which I find is volumizing without clumping and lengthening.  On my lips I used e.l.f. matte color stick in Cranberry (not pictured above).

I will post my skin care routine soon, which is also mostly Clarins.   

The French use bronzer but they only use it to look tan, and not contour.   They don't like the idea of shadows on the face - they believe in bringing light.  I have always believed the same thing - when you bring light to the face, it makes you look healthier and also, younger.  



Til next time!

xoxoxo Rena