Daily Skin care Routine with Proactiv, Bare Minerals and Clarins

I have a pretty simple skin care routine- I use the same for day and night so that my skin is acclimated to the products and there are no freak-outs and breakouts!

I have the full proactiv system - I do use the cleanser but mostly I use ponds cold cream to wash my face.  The shower routine would be a different post :)

I focus on moisturizing and soothing with a touch of anti-aging products.   I do not wash my face in the morning- I use a toner to wake the skin up.  For this I use Clarins Camomile Toning Lotion.   Then I use the BareMinerals Brightening Treatment.  This helps face my dark spots and generally evens skin tone.  After that I use Proactiv's Pore Refining Treatment to keep acne at bay (this used to be the Repairing lotion in the old system).  

After that I use Clarins double Serum (for age control).  Then Clarins Day Cream.  And then Neutrogena's sunscreen, which I spread on my face and neck.

I don't use eye cream. My day moisturizer is good enough.  If I need eye work, I use a brightening concealer.


One method I use is to warm the product on my fingers and then I pat the product on my face.  I do not rub or pull.  This is very effective as the product is warmed and will absorb more easily and more gently.  

I have to wear this face for the rest of my life!  I like to take care of it!   Investing in effective and maybe slightly pricier products to me, is worth it.   


Me with no makeup after skin care routine.  I can face the world ;)!

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xoxoxoxo Rena