Bobbi Brown Obsessions as of Late

I have been a fan of Bobbi Brown makeup since in my 20's. I just found her brand right up my alley, about enhancing the beauty that is already there with simple, easy to use products and packaging. The customizable palettes are a delight, especially the six pan (not pictured), with its large mirror. But I like to chuck the three pan or an individual in my bag for touch ups that I can count on. She also makes great pre-made palettes, small and easy to carry. The brush is also substantial in these palettes too.

I sort of forgot about her line, when, I was in my third trimester of pregnancy my wonderful sister showed up at my door with a non-frump present. She had a brand new six-pan in the bag she gave me, along with six shadows she had picked out specifically for me. I was so happy and I still use those shadows today!

Her glosses are also another of my fave. Moisturizing and long lasting. The white one is a brightening gloss and if you put it on over a lipstick or even your own lips, wham! you have a bright and full pout.

I have many products in the Bobbi Brown line and will definitely share more!