Valentine's Day Essentials

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of being soft and girly. To achieve this, I like to use blush, which is a daily essential anyway, because I have a pale visage, with no color in my cheeks naturally. I like to apply the color to the apples of my cheeks for a flushed, youthful look. Many times I may apply a cream blush and then layer a powder blush on top for lasting power. These Milani Rose Blushes are not only affordable, but they are also a joy to look at and apply beautifully to my cheeks. I also love the Too Faced Heart shaped blush, the packaging is super fun and is a high quality product.
I also like to have full glossy lips. This Lancôme gloss is not only feels nice on the lips, but the packaging is interesting. There is a little button on the front and when you press it the wand portion pops out. Addictive to play with to say the least. The color is a Raspberry Hue which is brightening without overdoing it.
Lastly, a fragrance is also key. Victoria's Secret Bombshell is an old favorite. It's uplifting and the packaging is to die for. Who can resist pink!

Happy Valentine's Day!